Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Realising Just How Much There is To Do

I know I've quite a number of stories waiting for me to write them, but I never realised just how many until I lined up all the ones that have a cover (or long-standing mock covers in TRKS' case)...

So many unrevealed covers...
And it's not including Dragon, Aelfah, Anubis' Handmaiden, the entire Godless Series or the novellas. That's seven, possibly eight, more full-length novels and two definite novellas.

No wonder I feel so busy at times.


  1. That's quite the catalog! Are the pixelated face covers the DO series?

    You've got far more works than I do, and I know I feel busy. You must be swamped!

    1. They are. I did all three together after finding the perfect model. Just got to wait until after July for a reveal of the first one.

      I bounce from book to book a lot. Like today, I've got to work on two scenes from TVG and tomorrow will probably be back to chp5 of IPAB. Whilst somewhere along the line I've got to reread DOM to make sure I'm happy with it before rereleasing it into the world.

      Yeah, some days I feel like I'm getting nowhere.