Monday, 14 March 2016

Schedules, Patreons and Tumblr

So the second Sunday of every month is when there'll be tales of budding m/m erotic romance, deceit, betrayal and death. Otherwise known as when a chapter of In Pain and Blood will appear here.

But the first Sunday is even better because that's when those who sign up for my Patreon get those chapters first. Yes, a whole week in advance. Plus all the 18+ chapters that I won't be posting anywhere else (that's at least 8 out of a projected 39 chapters). Evil I know, but I'm a little uncomfortable placing them on my blog and with just a one-sentence warning.

If you're unsure what In Pain and Blood is... it's a story that follows Dylan, a spellster very much out of his depth, as he faces a chain of disastrous and treacherous events that forces him to survive in a world that might as well be foreign to him to find safety, and perhaps love, in the most unlikely of places...

Who knows, maybe after I'm done with this mammoth story, I'll put up some others.

In other news, I've stitched together a little account for the Spellster Series on tumblr and, unlike my main tumblr account (which is an absolute hodgepodge of posts), will only be about that series. It'll likely be specked with mini spoilers, but you're all welcome to come on over.


  1. Pretty darn cool. I like the hott stuff. ;)

    1. I'd forgotten how much fun writing steamy scenes can be.