Sunday, 21 February 2016

Songs, Songs, Songs

I was looking over the playlist for In Pain and Blood that has slowly complied itself and... Well, apart from some chapters apparently having two songs linked to them, it has quite a number of songs from children's movies for a book that's not really meant for a little one's eyes. Especially from the Tangled album...

Oof, everything from The Kingdom Dance down just kills me.


  1. Oooh. There's some songs I haven't heard before!

    1. I so just added The Civil Wars - Devil's Backbone to book 3's playlist.

    2. Changed my mind. It goes with Book 3.5. :)

      Thank you for sharing! I like your music tastes.

    3. It's a good song that one. Got introduced to it via some of my fellow DA fans on Tumblr.
      What were the other songs you hadn't heard?

    4. New Rush and Scars were both new to me. I didn't quite remember the Disney ones, even though I'd heard them before.

    5. Gin Wigmore has a lot of nice songs... Written in the Water, Black Sheep, Oh My, Kill of the Night, Man Like That... I could go on and on. ^_^

    6. I've been somewhat obsessed with this song lately:

      It landed on my Cera playlist.