Thursday, 25 February 2016

Golden Dawn's Paperback!

Eee! I'm so excited it finally turned up! So here's me, being excited...

The re-release date is, to be precise, the 31st of March.


  1. Fun!

    Dude, this is the first time I've heard your voice or really saw you beyond your About Me picture. Have you considered narrating one of your stories? I really like your New Zealand accent. Sounds much prettier than my American one.

    1. It is!

      Lol. This was early evening, I was a bit hoarse after the day and I have a cold so it's not 100% my normal voice. My accent challenge video is how I usually sound...

    2. That was great! I liked the "what do you call a..." section, because it really brought out the differences there.

      I'm actually interested as to how you say "mature". Around here, the most common pronunciation is muh-ch-er. It threw me for a loop when I heard someone say maw-too-er.

    3. Haha. See to my ears, I'm saying muh-chu-er.