Friday, 8 January 2016

Trailers! Trailers Everywhere...

So, what have I been up to these last few days of the brand new year? Well, apart from a day of writing and a few days of having total chaos rule my house (aka: daughter's sleepover) and a glutton of Star Wars movies... I've been making trailers for the Spellster Series. It's helped me figure out where all the stories are going and flesh out the blurbs, which really helped me nail down the outline for TSaF. Which is also cool because the plot for the TTtH book basically starts affecting the story of TSaF and that's exactly the sort of intertwining I wanted, characters that never meet being affected by each other.

Even though the "Coming Soon" at the end is likely to be some years from now, I feel like sharing...

There's currently a fifth plotline in the works, but I haven't a title, nevermind a cover...


  1. I had a bit of trouble following the In Pain and Blood trailer. On my screen, most of the print was really small. But otherwise, very intriguing!

    1. Yeah. I figured it might be harder to read. I'll be redoing it later, when our internet rolls around, seeing if I can make the writing bigger without having to change the whole atmosphere, because I really like the theme.