Friday, 16 October 2015

Proof's Arrived!

So... In preparation for Nanowrimo, I'm cracking down on the other loose ends around here.

First order of business was getting The Rogue King sorted and the proof for the new paperback sent over. Well... I though I'd have to wait for some time, but it arrived this afternoon!

Old vs New
As you can see, the cover is a little different. I've not seen the new title and whatnot beyond the screen. It's a little darker, too. Part of the reason behind that is my newer version of Photoshop refuses to do PDFs, so I used a PNG. Not sure how I feel about his colour changing so drastically given that I call him a dusty brown, but it's not the worse thing it could do. My partner, on the other hand, says it looks less washed out.

Of course, it's bigger
I plan to bring twelve copies over here (two for the local libraries, ten for selling), so any sort of release won't be until after next Thursday. Until then... onwards!


  1. Nice! The new title work stands out more.

    What's the word count on the new proof?

    1. It does. In person, it almost tricks the mind into thinking it's 3D. Quite pleased with the result.

      The new word count is 86k. About 21,000 more than the old.