Saturday, 16 May 2015

Good news... for once

Otherwise known as "what's been happening over here".

Well, there are always the multiple things that have nothing to do with writing. Notably, there've been some flooding and junk around here, and I've spent the first time in a long time 100% alone in the house. Oh! And it's my daughter's birthday tomorrow... Or rather today seeing that it's pretty close to 1am...

The repurposing of The Rogue King has claimed it's second victim. I'd already axed one chapter before I began the reading, but having reached chapter 29, I found that it didn't mesh with the flow of the story. It worked in the novella, but in the story... Well... Mostly, it slowed things down.
So I have my second cut.
Yeah, I could've rewritten it, but there's no guarantee that the new chapter would work any better than the old one. So it's better if it goes. It's all good, though. I mean that's why I'm reading, to see if things clunk.

On another note: After weeks of staring at the screen and cursing my inability to put the scene I saw into coherent sentences, I finally finished a chapter for Dark One's Bride. And I'm making headway into the next chapter.
I think I may have a sort of weird love/hate thing going on with ballroom scenes, too. Maybe it's the dancing. There's three such scenes in this series so far, one in Dark One's Mistress and there'll be two in its sequel.
At least the last in the trilogy isn't likely to have one. I really can't see the Ebony Court letting that happen. Although, you never know with those people...

So in short, I'm feeling super productive! Go me!


  1. Woot! Looks like you made some pretty good progress.

    Ebony Court is book 2, right? I don't recall them from DOM. Or are they the Dark One's court?

    1. They're mentioned a total of two times in DOM, so I'm not surprised you don't recall. And I don't want to give massive spoilers on what'll happen... but I will say the Ebony Court is at Ne'ermore.

  2. Productivity is great, even if it isn't all you envisioned. Keep working at it.

    1. I shall be. Not today, though. Daughter's birthday and all.