Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mock covers ahoy!

As I've mentioned before, I like to do mock covers for my novels. Even if the picture is only still in my head, even if when I get around to working on them, I'm not in the league of the professionals with their image-altering awesomeness, thinking on how that image portrays the story gets me thinking on the important parts.

My Main Characters tend to feature a lot. Sometimes, even if there's more than one PoV, there's only one person in the image, like I chose for The Rogue King. That being said, there are the rare few where the Main Character isn't in sight: Golden Dawn actually depicts Herald's charge (I thought it more fitting, considering the story revolved around her); and The Vengeful God will have the major agonist.

So when I went to think of what I'd like on the mock-ups I make for the other two books that'll make up the Dark One Trilogy. No doubt the covers will look very different once my ideas are in a professional's hands. But I like

For comparison's sake, I'll first show the cover AM Design Studio did for Dark One's Mistress. Done before I decided the whole tale needed to be a trilogy...

And now for the mock-ups. Excuse the lack of matching with the type...

They were fun to make. They really were. ^_^

So, do you play around with various images to depict your story's cover before you've finished writing, whether or not your let them out of your hard drive?


  1. Lucias looks pretty severe in DOB, but the covers look pretty good.

    I like to play with covers, but I haven't been nearly as successful at you. I know what I want for Isto and Sovereign, no clue for Invasion, and I've done a photo shoot with a friend for material for the Cera Chronicles. It's just taking time to edit and not knowing how to do what I want to do.

    Are you going with AM Design Studios for the other books too?

    1. Yeah. I probably should've dialled back the anger, but it's Lucias ... when he gets angry, he mad crazy.

      I've several stories without covers. Or with bad ones that looked immensely better in my head. I may have to go with symbols for some of the stories. We'll see.

      I think Astraea Press uses AM Design Studios for all their book covers, so if they takes the last two, then yes. If they don't ... then I just might.

  2. I haven't really had the opportunity to create mock covers for my books like this, but I would love to. I have hand drawn four covers for my unpublished supernatural-thriller series though.

    I love the colors and look of the real cover for Dark One's Mistress! :)

    1. As do I, Amanda did a wonderful job on it. Hit the mark the first time around. ^_^

  3. I enjoy making mock covers for my books too. It can be fun to have an image to look at and inspire me to get to that point. Those are pretty! :)

    1. That is also an excellent usage. And thanks. ^_^