Monday, 12 May 2014


It's Monday and that means another week of blogtouring goodness. We'll kick this week off with aguest post for Julianne over at The Flipside of Julianne.

But it occurs to me that, whilst I've been talking about the special bookmarks I had made for my blogtour, I've never shown them to anyone beyond my family.

Well, that just won't do...

No, kitty, it's not a toy

And the mandatory close-up of the danglers...

Of course, upon seeing them, I had to keep one for myself (even though I've always used an old leather bookmark). I've also got a pretty keyring that matches these (and that's mine). But you can still win one of four of these beauties via my blogtour's giveaway.


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    1. Thanks! Took forever for me to think about the charms, had to borrow my fiancé's brainpower. ^_^