Friday, 30 May 2014

The great rewrite of 2014...

What is it about being sickly that makes me want to write stuff? Or maybe it's a case of wanting to write bringing up the sickly bug...

Ha, I've barely started this post and I digress. I shouldn't be allowed near a computer when I'm sick or tired. Really. I typed strange things that make perfect sense ... at 2am.


It's been six months since Dark One's Mistress was published. Can you believe it? I can't. That fact actually stunned me just yesterday when I got an email asking me when book two would be out. (The answer is: I don't know, I'm still writing it. On another note: is that classed as fan mail?)
And that lead me to wondering just what happened there. See, I also wrote a good chunk of the sequel back in November 2013. In fact, I wrote 50,000 words in that month whilst fighting the flu.

Where did that writer go?

Well, in short, that writer got swallowed up by real life and editing for two other novels. Then drowned in adding a ton to the latter half of a certain four book saga.

Your point?

Let's start off by saying that I'm not a fast writer.

No. That's a lie. I can be IF I forsake other things; family, eating, sleeping.

When plotting, I can hop from one story to the other quicker than you can blink. That's why I have so many WiPs and very few novels.
In my head, I've written the stories a dozen times. My characters have said, back-pedalled and rephrased a hundred conversations. There have been deaths, rebirths and dramatic saves. I've had breakups happen before I could even write the couple being together. I've mentally thrown them into situations that don't make sense, situations that would never happen in a million years, and I've added stuff that should work, yet doesn't.

The sequel I speak of, Dark One's Wife, was first thought of a year ago (such a baby story). It got split in half and stayed in its train-wrecked state for months whilst I worked on other things. I think it's time I started work on the first half, now known as Dark One's Bride. I've the better part of 37,000 words to plough through, a possible scrapping of one chapter entirely, and who knows how many will get added along the way (two more chapters certainly).

I'm aiming for 70k, but let us see where we are at the end. Maybe I'll end up having another idea that'll actually end up in the story.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Name: Amisi
Story: Anubis' Handmaiden
Status: Handmaiden to Anpu

Yes, this is the handmaiden of the title.
Even though a large portion of this story happens in the modern world, June - one of the Main Characters - is plagued by who her soul used to be during 2600 BC and that was Amisi.
She started out as back-story, the reason why June was drawn to act the way she does, but whilst digging further into that century, when I believe the mummification we generally think of was largely reserved for the rich, all sorts of ideas bubbled up.
I originally had a meek young woman who caught her god's eye, and wound up with an internally feisty girl who, whilst being outwardly compliant, earned her god's attention during one ceremony.

I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I did this. But I do know it was fun. I think I might alter her a bit when I get around to writing more of this story and finalise just where she was born.

Monday, 26 May 2014


So, my blogtour is over and I completely missed the last few stops, especially the interviews with Darcia and Juniper Grove themselves, due to the lack of internet and my daughter's birthday party (not sure how that wiped me, but it did). The giveaway is still active, though. So if you
How many months have I been practically net-less, now? Going on three, I believe. My provider can't decide what trees are stopping it and our big chainsaw is in for repairs so... yeah.

(Ha, there went the internet.)

It's shame as I truly hoped it'd be fixed by now. I'm leery of joining in on anything, like Sharon's Bad Query Contest, which sounds like a load of fun. So, for now, I'm bookmarking and waiting until it's closer so I can be definite.

With all this downtime I've been forced into having, you'd think I would also be racing through my writing.
I wish that were so. Really, I do. But there's only so much a brain can take.

(Oh look, connection's gone again.)

New things have popped up, sure. I've completed several additional chapters to The Vengeful God, the final of the Rogue King Saga, making the smallest book of the four no longer the smallest. And I've one more chapter to finish up there before going back to mull over the beginning of The Forgotten Queen.

On top of that, I'm heavily considering my path in rewriting the final two of the Dark One's Trilogy. Not the rewrite itself, but my outline for them, especially the final battle. I was planning on letting it go one way and actually have it all written out, but I'm considering another direction. It all hinges on just how far I take it.

Those two series have taken over so much thinking room that I've barely glanced at the outline for Crimson Night or Aelfah. Never mind Witch of Morthin, which was meant to be the next one I attacked. Maybe next year when the ol' noggin' isn't as full. ^_^

(And the net's popped back again to let me to post this. How magnanimous of it...)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How I found the write path

I wasn't entirely sure if I would be able to participate in this, but here we are.

Carrie Butler is celebrating her third blogiversary and decided to host this blogfest, in which participants can write to themselves when they first started writing toward publication. She'll be using them to compile into a free ebook for writers, which I give full permission for my entry to be included in.
So off we go then...


Dear 15 year old me,

You know your little dream of publishing that strange story with the lizard people you started writing when you were twelve? The one you thought was already pretty dark? Yeah, The Rogue King. You're pitting all your hopes on that number, aren't you?

Well ... I'm here to say your path won't be easy.

You're going to get stomped on. A lot. Querying, which I know you've just started doing, will lead to being rejected by every man and his dog. You'll tear your hair out over the contradictions and want to slap every face you see. You'll find out that, for every helpful person out there, there'll be someone else who'll dump all over you. You're going to spend ages screaming at that screen.
But some of those helpful people will become your critique partners. Remember those words. You'll start to know them better than all your high school friends (for longer than a few of them, too).

And you know what else? You're not the know-it-all you think you are.
Don't you sit there fussing and rolling your eyes at me. Yes, it's taken you a few years now. You've read a few things, tweaked accordingly. But it's going to take you even longer. You're nowhere near the halfway mark of your journey.
So saddle up for another fourteen years, my dear. You've got a boatload of stuff to learn along the way that they never touched on at school. It'll be a daunting experience, I know, but soak it in. Just don't try to conform to every rule. It'll drive you crazy. Well, crazier. ^_^

Be prepared to change things around. You've got three complete rewrites to haul your butt through. You'll grow to hate that arrogant arse you decided to make a main character. And his son ... he's practically a shadow (no pun intended, there). You'll quibble with yourself over scrapping the whole thing.
Even with all that help, it's going to be a hard road. It's a big story now, you won't fit it all into one book (FYI, that's where all your trouble is coming from). And you'll scare yourself with how dark it gets, but it's okay, I've got it now.

Lastly, you're going to find you're doing the important parts yourself. Yes Miss Hypocrite, you've got the makings of a self-published novel in your hands. But don't sit there and fret. You can do this. You're an indie. You did it. It's out there and being enjoyed. Be proud.

Aldrea Alien, author of the Rogue King Saga

Monday, 19 May 2014


It's taken me a few days, but I've finally caught up on all the blogs I was following and have made headway into signing up with all the blog I've been meaning to add. Our internet now seems to be a night creature, coming in clearly from 11pm onwards and cutting out every so often during the day.
So, with my daughter at school, I'm bouncing between critiquing and writing whilst waiting for my connection to pop back. It's lead to The Rogue King Saga growing by several thousand words to sit just under the cusp of a collective 260,000 words. Can you believe it?

Also ... it was my daughter's eighth birthday last Friday. We celebrated with a family dinner out and will do more celebrating this coming Saturday so she can party with her friends as it's "party year". The deal goes that she gets one big party every even birthday and dinner out on the odd numbers (so, naturally, she's super excited to have both). Amongst her gifts was enough money to buy the PC version of Lego Harry Potter (Years 5-7), which she has happily found can be two player. Enter gullible mummy who plays the likes of Assassin's Creed and Dragon Age... -_-

Saturday, 17 May 2014

That little bit extra...

I've been looking over my covers during my enforced hiatus. Right now, I'm playing a seemingly endless game of catchup (seriously, when did it become three thousand blog posts? And don't get me started on the emails...) whilst my connection plays merry hell with it's "will I or won't I?" mentality. It's even more frustrating than not having it at all. It cut out twice when I was in the middle of composing this post.

But covers ... more specifically, the planned covers for The Rogue King Saga. It likely won't be until this time next year that I'll release The Shadow Prince, never mind the other two, but I can't help to think ahead.

I'll freely admit that I'm a paperback fanatic. I hugely prefer them to ebooks, the covers certainly look better than they do on my kindle. Then again, it's an old one, so they look good on my daughter's kindle, too. But the thing I like the most about paperbacks would be the covers.
I'm not into symbols (although, I quite like this one). I prefer having characters, scenery and I adore these images all the more when they continue on the back.

I'm not usually a one-book-in-a-day reader. Nor do I generally read books in sync. I tend to read. Stop. Flick ahead. Read out of context. Stare at the cover, front and back. Read the ending. Then put it down to continue with next time I'm able, only to do it all over again. Some scenes get three/four reads when I'm reading it for the first time.
And that's when I love a story.

I also love picking out the little details added to a cover. The bits that might not make sense at first or even seem like fluff. Could be a sword, a piece of jewellery, some detail in the background. But then, when you hit the part that's mentions that bit, you suddenly see the image anew. I love that feeling. It's like rereading a book and spotting the hints along the way.

I want to hear it when people who know the story see my covers and go "you put in [insert item here]". That happened with The Rogue King. I'm hoping to do it again with the others. It means just a few adjustments and redesigns. But hey, I've got a few years.

What about you? Do you get that feeling? Do you reread? Or do you ignore the cover once you start reading?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Today, we've a spotlight/excerpt over at one of my critique partners, Loni Townsend.


Name: Latesha
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Devil

I like Latesha. She's a little bit cracked, like most of my agonists. Yet she knows what's off limits. Unlike some people *coughherdaughtercough* she runs on the principle that if you want dominion over the world, there must be world left at the end of the day.
Despite all evidence to the contrary, Latesha started out as a ... well, I'd like to say 'good guy' but that doesn't really fit. She started out as a warrior who was more into fighting for fighting's sake than in the name of what is right, but somewhere along the way, she took down the previous devil. Likely because he was the toughest fight she could find.
Of course, this created a void and ... it disrupted the magical balance, didn't it. Who was going to see the evil people punished if there's no one to oversee hell? Enter the "you killed it, you are it" mentality of those who were sent to set things right. Latesha didn't so much become the devil rather than his essence and hers were fused together. It also makes her one of the deities who have been mortal.

Although this is more of how she was in the days before she was turned into the second most powerful being on the planet, she hasn't physically changed. One of the perks of being immortal.

Monday, 12 May 2014


It's Monday and that means another week of blogtouring goodness. We'll kick this week off with aguest post for Julianne over at The Flipside of Julianne.

But it occurs to me that, whilst I've been talking about the special bookmarks I had made for my blogtour, I've never shown them to anyone beyond my family.

Well, that just won't do...

No, kitty, it's not a toy

And the mandatory close-up of the danglers...

Of course, upon seeing them, I had to keep one for myself (even though I've always used an old leather bookmark). I've also got a pretty keyring that matches these (and that's mine). But you can still win one of four of these beauties via my blogtour's giveaway.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Guest Posting and Reviews

I'm guest posting for Sarit over at Coffee, Books & Art on what surprised me whilst writing The Rogue King Saga.

And tomorrow, Sara from Platypire Reviews will be giving us her opinion on The Rogue King. I'm all a-tingle.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Introducing ...

Don't forget to pop over to The Wonderings of One Person where I'm being interviewed by Amber.


Name: Lenora Raven
Story: Dark One's Mistress
Status: Lady

The main protagonist of the story who doesn't actually show up for most of the book (because, you know, it pays to be fashionably late). She's a little off her rocker now, but that's actually kind of understandable when you think about it. Nevertheless, this woman is trying to kill the Great Lord ... oh, and Clara - the Main Character.
She started off as a bit of a joke to myself. But I guess the joke was on me as I've grown to like her.
I do wonder if she'd be as threatening without her "one-man siege machine", better known as the barbarian. I guess we'll find out once I'm done with the final book in the trilogy.

I think, if I could do so without distorting her face, I would tweak the nose. Beyond that ... I quite like it.

Monday, 5 May 2014

And kicking into the second week of my blogtour...

Yes, I'm still not here. Nevertheless, this week shall be chock full.
We'll start off with interviews, first with Vicky at Deal Sharing Aunt today and then tomorrow Amber will be asking me some more questions over at The Wonderings of One Person.
Then, we'll slow down a bit to have the spotlight, hosted by Rebecca on her blog Spellbindings, before revving off to where I'm guest posting at Coffee, Books & Art. And finally, Friday will be leaving us Platypire Reviews with, you guessed it, a review.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

More stops along the blogging world...

Having just read my first reviews for The Rogue King, I'm still walking on cloud nine here. It's going better than I expected, considering my lack of internet.

So I was a bit behind my blogtour stops, but I've been to them all now. From the guest post and review I linked to in my last post, to the spotlight and yesterday's guest post on my seventeen year journey to publication.

Now to post off those four signed books I gave away through Goodreads ... talk about an array of countries. But that's international for you. Everywhere is up when you're on the bottom of the world. ^_^
Of course, there are still two more books and some other goodies to win in my tour... like some special bookmarks.