Monday, 28 April 2014

"X" is for eXpelliarmus

And also eXciting, seeing that my blogtour starts today with a Top Ten over at Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews.


I never thought there'd come a day I'd be doing a Harry Potter post, but my daughter had just finished reading the last of the books, so I guess that's justified. I'm learning about the world through osmosis, including the spells/curses. She's obsessed, first reading one of the books, then spending a weekend watching all the movies, comparing the plot. I've lost count how many times she's watched them.

I could say I have no idea how she turned into a potterhead, but really, I've no one to blame but myself. I had the first two books kicking about, unread, and she was running out of stories to challenge her, so I gave my nearly-seven-year-old the first book and big mouth me told her if she liked it, I'd get the rest.

Honestly, I had no idea how fast she could read until then. I swear, it's me all over again. I don't recall being this frustrating to find suitable books for as a child.

And, boy, does she read, sometimes falling asleep with the book as a pillow. I have proof of this. But it's on my camera right now and that's at home, whereas I'm not (yeah, it's been a month with no net at home, now). With other books being a buffer, it's taken her about a year to finish them all. But I think such a milestone deserves a reward. Like maybe some more books...

I wonder how she'd handle The Hobbit...


  1. Yay for reading! That's great she's enjoying it.

    Hopping over to see your top 10.

    1. She does. Getting her to stop reading to do stuff like sleep isn't easy at times.