Monday, 21 April 2014

"R" is for The Rogue King Release

Who loves ya, ya big lizardman?
That's right, I do!
Yes, that's right. All my troubles means it's out a little early! So today is the official release of The Rogue King. After seventeen years of writing, editing and redoing it all, it has been released into the world!
I'm totally fan-girling over here.
Can you fan-girl over your own book? I hope so!

The blogtour, hosted by Juniper Grove Book Solutions, will begin on the 28th. And there'll be prizes. So many prizes! Signed paperbacks, limited edition bookmarks and more!

The full blogtour list is here.


  1. Yay!

    Every time I came across your sign up, it was on my phone and I couldn't do anything, and by the time I got on my computer, I'd forgotten.

    But I'm signed up now!

  2. Congratulations! *throws confetti*

    Also, I think it's required that you fangirl over your own book. *nods wisely* Yeup. :)

    1. Oh good, 'cause I'm not sure I could stop fangirling! ^_^