Wednesday, 2 April 2014

"B" is for Butterflies ... and Books

So the first Wednesday of the month is Insecure Writer's Support Group time ... how fitting it should fall on the second letter for the A to Z Challenge.

I've made no secret about me releasing two books this month and I find myself getting increasingly nervous. I mean seriously nervous, worst than when Dark One's Mistress came out, but then, that sort of popped up whilst I was trying to participate in Nanowrimo and fight off a particularly nasty flu. And I'm strangely okay with Golden Dawn.

It's how The Rogue King will be greeted that's got me more than a little apprehensive.

Throughout the long time I've held this story close - seventeen years now - carefully teasing out the heart until I came to publishing, I've never had a hateful comments thrown at me about it and the cynical side of me waits for them to come.
I try to keep the dreads at bay by going over what I know: several people who have never read fantasy say they didn't expect to enjoy it, but still did. And there was that one guy who said the first few chapters reminded him of a famous (and very much departed) author.
I also know that not everyone will like it. I don't like some of the popular stories so who am I to expect unanimous cheer? I also keep hearing the last small publisher and how they claimed it unmarketable (I also hear they went under, so maybe I dodged the bullet). That last thought brings a strange mixture of rage and anxiety. It was, after all, the final straw that lead me to self publishing.

But have I let it blind me? I didn't run headlong into this decision, it's taken over a year of research and I've run the gamut of editing. Or is it just me letting the butterflies take over?


  1. Butterflies - pretty to look at not so pretty to feel. You will be fine - even if people don't like it you will learn something about the market that will help you to grow and to be a stronger writer. If they love it then you will have the satisfaction of knowing you were right. In the end, it is a win-win for you.

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  2. Everyone's terrified when their book comes out - unless they're traditionally pubbed and have already deposited their hefty advance money. The rest of us just promote and cross our fingers. The best way to survive is start your next book. Good luck!
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    1. I think I'd still be terrified if I was traditionally published.

      *fingers crossed*

  3. Dude, I still get butterflies, and I've already hit the publish button. Your books are good, intriguing, and wonderfully written. I think you'll have a greater number of supporters than naysayers.

    1. It's a real roller-coaster of emotions, isn't it? ^_^

  4. I haven't published a book yet, but I have purposefully incited trolls to generate blog traffic. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that there will always be people who like what you write, just as there will be those who hate it. Hopefully the fans will outnumber the haters, but even the trolls can teach you things.

    Don't take it personally, and you'll never know until you try. To make an omelette, you have to fall off the horse a few times.

    Good luck!

    1. So you're saying I have to land on my eggs to make an omelette? I guess that works, but personally, I prefer them without crunchy bits. ^_^

      I've had the odd run-in with trolls thanks to some critique forums. I don't mind people saying 'this sucks' as long as it's followed by 'because...'