Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Name: Arbur
Story: Dragon
Status: Knight

Originally Arbur was a more prominent presence in the old version of Dragon with him and Laiyn (along with the dragons) being the ones who made the decision to search for Maayin, the now current Main Character. The old version even started in his PoV.
But as I changed the focus, he got pushed to the back until he took on a minor role. A pity as I sort of liked him. He's been through a lot.

In the old story, this was an actual scene at the beginning where the Main Characters arrived too late to stop the agonists. While it remained the catalyst for my characters, the act now happens before the story starts.


  1. Did I read the newer version? I don't really remember him.

    1. You did, which is why you wouldn't. He's very much a background character now.