Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Name: Gloric
Story: The Shadow Prince
Status: Healer

In what seems to be a recurring tradition for The Rogue King Saga, Gloric appeared in a recently added chapter, making him a scene character and I like to have a little bit of fun designing them.
Originally, he was going to be of a lesser represented species, mainly because of a glut in certain species, but his job clashed with my in-world limitations (I do so hate it when that happens). Having illegal healers is all well and good ... I just don't see how he'd manage to become a teacher in a prestigious school if he was one of them. So he's a level down from the top species in my OMG-they're-everywhere scale.

Oddly enough, the glass is the favourite part of this picture. So much shiny...


  1. With all those bottles, I'd expect to see a MWAHAHAHAHA expression on his face--like a mad scientist. :)

    1. Hehehehe.
      He'd be a bit forgetful for a mad scientist. So many things would go boom. ^_^