Tuesday, 10 December 2013


So, my introducing posts took a little hiatus during November. But it's back!


Name: Xinn & Linn
Story: Dragon
Status: Ancients

The shell-brothers. Unlike a large portion of the Dragon 'cast' who came from the original story whether as they stood or merged with other characters, these two were brand new additions.
These guys got shoved to the background more and more throughout the edits. As it stands, their names are mentioned once. Maybe they'll show up some more if I ever decide to enter this realm again.

Most of Dragon takes place in the mountains, so seeing these two originated in the grasslands, I thought why not do a picture of them there?
Who's who? Well, that's always the problem with identical twins, isn't it? ^_^
I've always seen Xinn as the more level-headed of the pair, because being able to measure your years in centuries doesn't automatically mean you won't be immature. Just look at the Doctor...


  1. I'd like a closer look at them but, um...no. I'll look from a distance. *very cool*

    1. You know what they say about meddling in the affairs of dragons...

  2. I like how the one over the top/on the left is looking at the other with this "are you mad?" expression, and the other one is all "rawr!".

    1. Heh. That's Linn for you. ^_^ At least there's no fire ... yet.

      I'd so many captions come to mind whilst I was doing this.