Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Good ol' Murphy and his Law

You'd think, seeing it's only a few days before Nano and a week since I last typed, that I'd be either kicking back and relaxing for a bit or getting all sorted before jumping into Dark One's Wife.

Do you hear it? The hollow laughter of the universe?
Scary, isn't it?

Of course, I've had no such luck. Silly me for hoping I would have time.

Do ya get the title now?
A few days after typing THE END on A Game of Cat and Horse, the universe dumped so much horror on me.
Never mind my little novella has crept up close enough to the 30k mark after two days of editing that I might as well label it as such. I'ma too sick to care and stuck battling off mind-fogging colds, parties that happened, one that'll happen in the future and the big what-do-you-mean-your-school-Halloween-party-is-cancelled? drama. And after I got a costume. Bleh.

Let me make this clear. Halloween as a holiday had barely caught on in my youth, so trick-or-treat was a foreign beast to me and, being rural, I never got involved in it. Ergo, the idea of going door to door is scary. So the hunt for a new party is on. I have two days.

But the most terrifying thing in my life at the moment is my office chair, the one I've owned for around nineteen years. The bugger has been creaking and squeaking for some time now. It's old, it's allowed to squeak. But, recently, the seat will occasionally rock when you sit down.
Unnerving, Even though it's not supposed to. Only yesterday my fiancé found out why...

It is cracked right were the seat is welded to the base!

As of right now, I'm sitting on a time bomb that could crack and dump me the next time I sit down. Considering the space I sit in is just big enough for the chair, falling promises to be bone-cracking nasty. Seeing my only other option is standing, I can but hope is it stays together long enough for me to save up for a replacement. Might as well get me a decent one.

Can someone please give me a redo of this last week?


  1. You're not the only one with a sucky week. Hope the next one's better for you. :-)

    1. Yeah, that tends to be why I don't complain too much. Except when I'm sick, then I moan my butt off. If I can just not have the sickly sniffles, that'd be good.
      The next few days are going to be hectic though: shopping, Halloween party, school fundraiser... thankfully, my fiancé is dealing with the last, I've just got a seven year old to wrangle all day instead.
      Wait, how was that better?

  2. Sounds like a rough time. Hope you're feeling better, that you find a party, and that you don't break yourself with your chair!

    1. Well, I've found the party. So that's one out of three. The chair might take a little more work. Must check out the second-hand shops when I feel better.