Thursday, 29 August 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Tommy
Story: Dark One’s Mistress
Status: Mistress' Page

I quite like Tommy. The best way I can describe him is as how Clara - the Main Character - sees him: a sweet kid who's a year or two older than her and still acts as if he's nine. And he's the best with animals.
He started living on the streets at a young age where most people don't give much notice to another small boy scurrying about. He actually starts to change over the course of the story, coming into his own towards the latter half when my anti-villain takes an interest in him.
Is it for good or bad? That remains to be seen ...

I want to huggle him. My own friggin' character and I want to huggle him!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Companion Stories ...

I've always planned on writing companion novellas/novels for The Rogue King Saga and the Godless Series, even though the latter hasn't been through a complete rewrite yet.
Most of them would expand on stuff that is only touched on in the two series. Like how a mortal became a goddess; how a half-starved thief became the captain of a warship. Or past political events: the ascension of the first emperor; the merging of two kingdoms. To be fair, most of them are likely to become big enough to stand in their own right and won't interfere with the two series themselves.

What I didn't expect was for a novella about a certain character's life to pop up out of nowhere. What is the name of this troublesome novella? A Game of Cat and Horse. It sort of fits, in a strange way that I've grown accustomed to. You may have seen me mention it in a few other posts where it was just an idea with a few lines to its name.
The main characters:
Jarend and Laccindy
After a writing binge (done with a strapped wrist and hand, no less), it's at 9000 words. A lot of it is in bits and pieces alongside whole chapters, but considering my plan is to have it reach 21k (roughly 1k per chapter), that's almost half the story already. I would've preferred that sort of growth on another story, but this one won't leave my head, so a-writing we will go. At least it's short. And you'll be seeing a piece from it during the More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest.

My main problem is deciding when I'll publish it, even if it will be one or two years before it's out. No harm in thinking ahead, yeah?
You see, little miss spotty over there is in The Rogue King. The whole saga really. On the other hand, A Game of Cat and Horse is, simplistically, her tale throughout the saga, along with Jarend's. And it's not likely to make sense without reading at least the first book in the saga.

But I don't plan to release this before the first three. It's when I get to four, The Vengeful God, that I start wondering. Should I interrupt the series flow by releasing A Game of Cat and Horse first. Or do I stick with publishing it at the end when readers will already know what happened to her after the novella ends.

I know I would pick up a book with the tagline that went something along the lines of "You know how it ends. Now find out how it began." but I've longed learnt I tend to be in the minority for so many tastes. Could I also be one in this?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Gol Foran
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Minor God of Lightning

Wait a minute there tricksy brain. Didn't we do Foran? Wasn't he the first of these serpent gods? Well, no. That would be Foron, Serpent God of Fire. This god, while both serpent and god, is not, I repeat, not a Serpent God.
Confuzzillated yet?
Foron, in my made-up language of Thadra, means 'fire' (so a literal translation of Gol Foron is 'God [of] Fire'). Foran on the other hand means lightning or 'fire of the clouds'. With me so far? Furthermore, he started out as another species entirely and then he got turned into a serpent by Foron and Shilar while he was on the brink of death. Because no one can meddle with a mortal's life (or lack thereof) like them gods.
Thank goodness this boy rarely shows his face. Though his territorial ways do cause some complications for the Main Characters when he declares the place a no-fly zone.

Crack-boom! Baby. ^_^

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Disasters and Contracts

Let me start off by saying I am no fan of the shaky ground. I'm not as bad as my daughter, who is convinced she's going to die with each tremor, but I guess it must mess with my personal field or something because I ... it's hard to describe. If you've ever walked through a place with a heavy magnetic field you'll get what I mean. It's probably the same feeling animals sense before a quake.
Despite living close to a major fault line that's part of the Ring of Fire, we don't get many earthquakes. Now there's been a fair few in these last few days, the first arriving Friday afternoon measuring 6.6 magnitude, followed by over 60 aftershocks going on throughout the weekend. Fiance was stuck in traffic for hours afterwards as everyone fled Wellington's CBD. We're cool though. No injuries, just an extra crack in our concrete floor and another which has opened wide enough for me to put my nail in. Fortunately for us, it's not so much located here as they are across the strait.

I'm finding it all a little funny, in an interesting sort of fashion.
You see, a storm hit as I got the contract from Astraea Press for them to publish Dark One's Mistress. It knocked out our power for a good couple of days.
And this earthquake preceded another milestone: The contract for Golden Dawn. AH! This one will be with MuseItUp Publishing!

So then World, what are you going to do when I get The Rogue King edited? Oh wait, Murphy's Law already has me pinned there what with having my fiancĂ©'s work car suck up all our money. -_- And my family wondered why I'd picked such a long time to get it published.

Needless to say I've done little in the way of actual writing. Although, now I've finally figured out the whole converting a document into a kindle thing, I've jumped into doing the last "me edit" for The Shadow Prince. It's gaining words, so yay!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Milandra
Story: Dragon
Status: Ancient of Mountain Hall

Good old Millie. Seriously, she's old, like close to four hundred years old and, fortunately for my Main Characters, not about to fall into line with the rest of the council and their silly notions.
Unlike most of the other characters from Dragon (who were lifted from a far older version), Milandra came via the blending of new character with the personality of a human I'd already opted to remove from the new story. Probably just as well seeing, in the old version, the human didn't last beyond the first chapter. So you could say she got dragon-fied instead.

I'm not 100% happy with the hair. I tried painting it rather than relying on a mesh and it just wouldn't come out as well as I wanted so I fell back to the meshes. It's better than what I originally had, but I tell you, I got me a higher respect for those who do their images digitally.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Jarend Taephaxenop
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Outcast

Jarend started off as a mere mention in The Rogue King Saga, which is a pity as I quite like him. So much so that I've made a plan for his appearance in the Godless Series. In all seriousness, it'll be his second appearance, the first coming only if I manage to write the hopeful novella with him in it.
Of course, all that only came from the recent revelations about him. That's what I get for asking myself about the life of a guy who is originally mentioned the once. Turning out to be a certain someone's love interest was just the popping-candy-filled icing on my crazy-cake.
And, what with him being of two different herds, he is probably the sole example of living hybridisation within his own species (at least, the only shown example). But seeing as his last name translates as "no one's son", he can't actually be found around them. When he's not hanging about courting said love interest, he spends much his time kicking about the desert and other places, making him a sort of mixture between the two types of desert people.

Whoo! Just look at that boy's colouration. Granted, it does look better in this image (although neither show his awesome yellow eyes ... just image what their kids would look like), but I really could not resist having an equinean paint. Control of fire and wind? Yes, please!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Rogue King: bouncing up to the 61,000 mark ... again

You all know I'm planning to self-publish The Rogue King Saga as four books. This had led me to a new kind of obsession with pages and layouts.

When I first started into this self-publishing adventure, I based everything on the word count total I had. This led me to assume the books would be a modest little set. Maybe four lots of 58k. Not bad when you add it all up and get around 232k. And, according to Createspace, the way I have my 5x8 paperback formatted makes that 58k about 180 pages, which I don't actually mind. I've got mass market paperbacks that aren't much bigger and a few books of the same dimensions with similar page counts as well as some close to it with bigger type or more space. (See? Obsessed I am.)
Of course, 5x8 is not a size I'd personally go for, but it's very close to the mass market I prefer having, both for stacking purposes and for reading.

And, yes, my obsession has led me to routinely compare my novel to already published books ... at least when it comes to size and appearance. It helps me imagine how it will appear as I refuse to pay for postage on something which hasn't been through the final edit or gotten its new cover yet.

Yes! A new cover! Before it's even published. And I'm all nervous and excited (nervocited?) to see what Ros Kovac comes up with cover-wise. Just thinking about it gets my stomach all in knots.

... But I digress ...

How the first page will
apparently look once it's
printed. You'll have to
imagine the other 197 pgs
You'll notice I'm talking about word counts in the fifties here, yet the title clearly states 61k. But the thing is, I'd like the whole series to be around the same size if it's at all doable and the first book will set my expectations for the other three. Right now, that book is going through the last edit I'll ever do before sending it to a professional and, although I've still seven more chapters to go, it's managed to gain 3k. That's an average of about a hundred words per chapter.

Then I looked at the three other books (obsessed, remember?) and see the last of them lags by 6k. O_O A part of me wonders how it got that far out of whack. However will it catch up? It was easy adding words when I broke the story up, more chapters slipped themselves into each section like they were meant to be there all along. From the time I split it into four, it has gained it's current 30k extra no trouble.

But I've got no more chapters to add. All I can hope for is that the final edit for the others will follow my habit of adding more as I readjust the reading flow.

And, since I'm on about book sizing, 61k is close to 200 pages. That makes it about half an inch thick.

I'm happy with that.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Zar
Story: Witch of Morthin
Status: Peasant (to begin with)

Poor little Zar. First he grows up not knowing his real daddy, then starts losing his reflection and ends up being dragged into a battle he didn't even know about much less want to fight. Because, you know, every princess who is fleeing her insane father should travel with a seven-year-old she's just met. ^_^

Curse you eyes! Why you no look hazel? I demand you look hazel! *ahem*