Thursday, 13 June 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Gol Antil
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Serpent God of Whimsy

Antil is the youngest, weakest and smallest of the Serpent Gods. He started out as a sub-conscious to another character, but, on a whim, I severed all ties to said character.
That was all well and good, but it did present me with the trouble of who his chosen people were. I eventually decided he fitted being with the katesses, leading me to alter a different deity entirely to plonk him in there.
So he shares his temple with the Star of Healing, who never really required a temple, and it was always more of a school for healers anyway. Antil's apparent willingness to let this happen is likely to be one of the reasons he's been the brunt of Lorric's - his cousin and one of the agonists - teasing over the centuries.

I couldn't resist having a rainbow serpent, really, I couldn't. ^_^ Can you just imagine how shimmery he'd be to those who meet him?


  1. It so cool to read how your character transformed into a rainbow serpent, lol. Very unique!

    1. I used to get that happening all the time before I managed to nail down my worldbuilding. I had characters popping up all over the place. What a tangle that used to be.
      But Antil was always my favourite. Every fantasy world should have a rainbow snake.