Thursday, 20 June 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Lalee and Ilsa
Story: Dragon
Status: Ladies of Byron’s Peak

Younger daughters of the Count of Byron's Peak, these two little sweets turn up in the first chapter and are never seen again ...
My, that sounds bad, did I mention that the Main Character - Maayin - leaves the castle? Lalee, the smaller of the two, appears first to 'warn' her adopted sister about the dragons, whereas Ilsa is the poor, less-little one that can't even say goodbye. I feel so sorry for the pair of them.

Aw, just look at them. I think they want their big, dark-skinned sis to come back.


  1. They are kinda creepy, no? Kind of like King's twins in The Shining?

    1. They are a little bit that way. But then, is that a bad thing? ^_^

  2. They do look lonely. They need a hug.