Sunday, 31 March 2013

Whee! 20k go bye-bye!

Ha! One week since my last 10k milestone on The Gems of Thardrandia and I've reached the 20,000 word mark already. Oh yeah! I am powering through this one! In fact, I blew past my milestone this evening. I'm unofficially on 21k, y'all ... but you didn't hear that from me.

And I've only just cracked Chapter Five today. My world-saving group hasn't quite gotten together. They don't yet know how they're going to save the world. O_O At least they know it needs saving. Although the full explanation doesn't come until Chapter Three.
I'm not sure how that happened. Very little of what I've written was ever in the original layout. I've pulled virtually nothing from my old file except for a few sentences and references that were immediately chopped up and dished out in another fashion. In fact, my original draft of this story had them together and off to save the world by the old Chapter Two because they'd been told in Chapter One!

I don't know about you, but seeing how far they've gotten in 20,000 words, I'm now well expecting this story to reach the projected target of 230k. And that'll be another story I'll have to spilt. I apparently can't write it in bits, but can slice and dice quite well ... hmm, well played, subconscious, well played.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Introducing ...

Name: The Huntress
Story: The Unborn Trilogy - Silver Moon
Status: The Huntress

Being thousands of years old, not much is actually known about the Huntress. She spends most of her time seeking out demons and killing them. It's what she lives for. That she might also take out a village that's say ... hiding a not-very-demonic demon is a minor detail. What's a few dozen lives when you've taken hundreds?

I redid this scene heaps of times. Hard to get a natural-looking pose with a bow and arrow. This one ... I think this one does it.

Friday, 22 March 2013

All these feels!

O_O I surrender.
So my flitting has come to an end and I've finally settled on what to write.
A sequel, naturally. Certainly makes it easier to write when it comes to worldbuilding as well ... it's a very old sequel. I never finished the original version, but I did do a lot of plotting.
And it's reached the third chapter already, that's over 10,000 words! Already! 5,000 words of that was in the last two days. That makes me wanna get up an happy dance. Right up until I recall that, if it hits all it's marks, the whole thing will be 230,000 words long. 10k is only 5% of the story.

Just sit back and process that for a moment.

Thing is ... the story I write now may not end up as being a sequel so much as a second duology/trilogy written in the same world. All because I'm splitting The Rogue King.

*gasp* Could it be so? Am really carving up my beloved baby?

Well ... yes. You see, it's been through several rewrites since the story first appeared sixteen years ago. The original was in first person and didn't quite make 95,000 words. I rewrote in third person, it came to 131k. Then I started the task of polishing it to a standard I felt were it was fit to go out into the world. And through each edit, the word count grew.
And, though I did not wish it at the time, I've always promised myself that, if The Rogue King ever reached 200k, then I would seriously consider splitting the story into two. The word count went beyond that number some time back. So I sat and pondered the question of where to make the break.
Ultimately, while I could make three books out of it, keeping a good beat requires me to divide at 99k. Dividing any further would mean the first book drops to 67k. Not bad, word-wise, but the story ... I'm not certain if the full arc could hold being broken into three pieces without looking like it's been broken into three pieces.

Plus, I plan to self-publish this and a smaller word count would make it affordable to have the professional edits it will no doubt need (edits I will have to save forever to get done). Not to mention covers ... as fun as they are to make, I don't think they're professional grade.
Yes, I tried the query route. I did get a few nice rejections, but they were ultimately still rejections. Including a rather hurtful time with one small publisher that lead me on for months and then dropped me. Something about the story being too unique to market (O_o). I don't think I can go through with all that again, not with this one.


Anywho ... for now, The Rogue King has a twin which, after much deliberating with myself, I have called The Trexen Prince. If I do decide to make it a trilogy, expect me to be mentioning The Shadow Prince and The Vengeful God.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Sirius
Story: Dark One’s Mistress
Status: Keeper

Sirius was a - how can I put this politely? - not nice person. He's still not a nice person, but it's been diluted through years of soulless slavery. Even so, he's not someone you want running loose so it's probably a good thing he's bound to serve the Great Lord.
On the other hand, he is partly at fault for throwing the Main Character, along with several others, into the whole mess.

*shudder* Why do I always get an urge to bathe whenever I look at this picture. Boy, I think you need some new clothes, before those ones fall apart.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Review of Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett

Title: Monstrous Regiment
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 4/5

Set in the strange world of Borogravia where living is practically an abomination, this tells the tale of Polly Perks as she disguises herself as young Oliver (socks and all) to get into the army to find her brother. Simple, right? Pfft, I should know better than to expect that from a Pratchett book by now. ^_^
The regiment in question soon fills up with some unexpected wannabe soldiers: a coffee-drinking vampire, a troll and an Igor, alongside the more normal, though no less disturbing, folk. And off they all tramp to be geared up and trained, only there's bugger all gear and training will be on the front line, which apparently isn't much of a front line. There's also the question of who knew Polly's secret and didn't rat her out.
It was certainly an interesting read, but a touch draggy after the previous books. Probably would've liked it more if I hadn't already read Night Watch.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My muse has mistaken me for a butterfly

Although ... it might think I'm a bee. Or possibly a humming bird.
So far, my last few weeks have sort of gone like this:

Rewrite a bit of Golden Dawn.
Write some of The Gems of Thardrandia.
Write some of DOW.
Think about Witch of Morthin.
Rewrite a bit of Golden Dawn.
Write some of DOW.
Go back to critiquing.
Rewrite a bit of Golden Dawn.
Scrap The Gems of Thardrandia's first chapter, split into two scenes and rewrite the first from another pov.
Tinker with Anubis' Handmaiden.
Write some of DOW.
Write some of DOW.
Stare at The Gems of Thardrandia, then remember I've got something to critique.
Critique it.
Rewrite a bit of Golden Dawn.
Stare at the blank page that is DOW's second chapter and move on to vaguely outline chapter's three to nine (then eleven, twenty-one to twenty-three. Don't ask. -_-).
Finish rewriting Golden Dawn. (Happy dancing time!)
Think about Aelfah.
Finish writing DOW's first chapter.
Stare at The Gems of Thardrandia, then remember I've got something to critique.
Critique it. (Do you see a pattern here?)
Look at Crimson Night instead and tinker with the prologue.
Write some of The Gems of Thardrandia.
Finish writing The Gems of Thardrandia's first chapter. (5k, whoo!)
Critique. >_>
Write some of The Gems of Thardrandia.

Looky the pretty cover.
As you can see, I've been flitting from story to story (and some of them aren't even mine), getting only a little actual writing done. It happens every time I finish a story. Last time, I was able to squeeze Golden Dawn's first draft our before it was trampled by its sequels and Dragon.
Ultimately, only Golden Dawn has gotten anywhere. Now the rewrite is finished, the story sits at just under 51,000 words (400 words under, so I guess 51k is its rounded number now). Quite the jump seeing the original was 28,000 words. Hopefully, the extra words have smoothed out the problems my CPs found as it has some resubmits in its future. I get all fuzzy thinking about that. Must not dwell or I'll jinx it. That has led to some major fluffing about, giving me nice things like that image there.

But I cannot stop the whirring going on in my head. So back to the flitting I go. Bouncing between The Gems of Thardrandia, Crimson Night and DOW.
All of them are sequels, the first story has been begging for a rewrite for years, the second one is in need of a rewrite to match the first in the trilogy, while the last is a shiny new story that just sits there and begs. Period. That's a problem as I've very little plot for DOW and whole lot of garbage floating up to fill it. Fortunately, old and plotted is trumping the new and half-baked right now.

Then again, Crimson Night only needs a rewrite and DOW just needs to have the blanks filled in. Whereas The Gems of Thardrandia requires a major plotting overhaul to match the rules of The Rogue King and, if the first story is any judge, will likely reach 230,000 words. So how is it that I wound up writing The Gems of Thardrandia? Don't ask me. It's been floating about in my head for years, guess it wanted out.

On the other hand, Anubis' Handmaiden is a new story character-wise, and Aelfah and Witch of Morthin are both old stories left on the backburner. They nag me from time to time, whenever I come close to finishing a story.

It's official. I either need more of me or I need to stop sleeping and use that time to write. Otherwise I'm going to end up writing about a bunch of lizardmen vampires who are really Egyptian gods kidnapping the MC after her wedding while on a trip to destroy their mother/father and possibly the world with it. >_>

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Kael Ro'is
Story: The Rogue King Saga - The Rogue King
Status: Shadow Speaker

As one of the Main Characters sharing the pov of this story with Veng and Lasil, there's obviously a fair bit about Kael to be told. This was not so in the beginning. There was very little of him in the first person version, this lack translated over into the first attempt at a third person version and stayed that way for a good long time. Until I was outlining the sequel ...
Things I'd never known about him came to light, things that needed to be addressed in The Rogue King Saga to make sense. He was meant to be the non-messed-up one and, yet, my quietest Main Character, the one I'd sometimes forget to add into scenes, turned my whole story upside-down. He made me rewrite it ... again and again.
Seriously, he now takes up a large chunk of the story. I have no idea how that happened. Absolutely no clue.

Although you can't see all of him that well, I love this image of Kael and his vampire horse bond mate, Klif.
I've done so many images of him over the years. I even use the picture of him with Talsin as my profile picture, along with the pair of them based on the scene where they meet and a more recent other I did just for fun.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Ștefan
Story: The Unborn Trilogy - Golden Dawn/Crimson Night
Status: Lord

Ah, the agonist. Yes, that does mean we're nearly reaching the end of the Unborn Trilogy characters.
Beyond being the main obstacle and threat ... Ștefan is also the father and catalyst of Herald's - Main Character's - tale. The first thing daddy does wrong? Bringing sonny-boy back home. Although, I use the term 'home' loosely as Herald isn't from around here, if you know what I mean. ^_~
And yes, I do get the occasional bit of flak about Ștefan being a vampire called Stefan. I'm not bothered. Herald's the Main Character in this, not his embittered father. Although, the prologue is written from Ștefan's point of view.

What? I love this picture, which is good because the program refused to save anything beyond this. Although, he wouldn't be found outside much in the first story and wouldn't look this well-groomed in the second. As for the third ... ^_^