Thursday, 28 February 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Jipp
Story: Dragon
Status: Midling of Mountain Hall

I could darn near do a short story, or maybe a novella, on Jipp and all the back-story that never made it into the actual book. Maybe one day.
He started out as a minor character. Very minor. A bit part. Then somewhere along the way, he turned into this secondary character with quite an interesting back-story which does involve one of the Main Characters, to a point.
Jaimin - the Main Character in question - doesn't get on with him, not as much as he doesn't with Teero, and part of that was because they were once rivals, but mostly it's because of Jipp's fascination with human women. Or at least one. His knight, Aaluna.
Yes, he's more into human females than his own kind. He's a scrawny-ass dragon, not much bigger than your average pony. When the species is dying, the little guys tend to lose out over the bigger, stronger boys.
Just not this little guy. ^_^

I so want to do a dragon version of him, all feathery and lean with his twin crests. Maybe I will at a later date. But here's him in the lesser-seen human form.


  1. I love shape shifting dragons.

    I had a character that did that to me too. He started off as the bad guy at the tail end of the short story, then progressed to a lighter side, and finally is mostly the star in his own novel. He's still a bad guy, just not that bad :)


    1. I'd the reverse happen with Teero. He started out as a good guy, then became the story's villian. That doesn't mean he's not a good guy, he's just not nice to his young rival.

  2. I hope you do decide to do a dragon version of him. I'd love to see it!

    1. I could probably do the twin crests, but the feathers will be an issue. So many feathers!

  3. He looks like he's about to wander into a dungeon in Skyrim, sans armor and weapons - but maybe he doesn't need them... :)

    Did you create this or find?

    1. Skyrim ... heard of, but never played. I don't suppose a guy who can be a fire-breathing dragon in seconds needs any other weapons.

      And I create all my character images. ^_^