Thursday, 17 January 2013

Introducing ...

Name: Rolraan
Story: Witch of Morthin
Status: Mercenary

From noble knight to mercenary noble, so much about Rolraan changed from my very first image of him.
For starters, he used to have a bad case of not being about to pronounce Rs. Or was it Ls? I forget. Either way, like one of the Main Characters - Lorn - he was to be from a neighbouring kingdom. In fact most of them were, there was meant to be a war between the two, but I quickly tossed that idea and kept the struggle solely internal.
Also, when I brought his sister, Lanera, to the foreground and connected her to the other Main Character - Sarna - her brother naturally had to come along for the ride. Although, unlike most of his family, he's not a witch. ^_^

I quite enjoy the simplicity of this one. Dig it!

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