Friday, 9 November 2012

Sliding into 50k

Whoo, been looking at the last time I gave a writing update on ... er, anything really. Just a little over a month. Yeah ... last month has been hectic. After my daughter got her teeth out, she ended up having a reaction to some sunscreen.
Yes, sunscreen. Kids sunscreen. Just what was put on her face, thankfully. Apparently it's common with that brand. O_o (Seriously, that was the expression I pulled when I heard.) But some medicine, a few non-sunscreen but still sun-smart days and it was clearing up.
Note the use of 'was'.
Last Saturday, while I was at a cat show, she went to her school's fair with daddy dearest and, on top of getting soaked ... got her face painted. *face palm* I'm not sure who I want to slap the most, her father for letting her get her face painted, or the people who did the painting because she still had obvious signs of a receding rash on her face.
It was an interesting pattern though. All dots and swirls from where the blue/purple was. Must've had a certain artificial, blue food colouring in the paint. -_-

Anyway, to find that Dark One's Mistress has hit 50,000 words makes me feel extra productive. ^_^
And it's not done yet. I've another 20k and seven more chapters to go before the end (basically the fun parts where my characters go through hell while I sit and giggle like some insane evil genius). Heh, at this rate, I might have it finished before my birthday in February.
No, let's see if December can see me announcing the completion of yet another novel's first draft. Hmm?

I'm sexy, and I know it. ^_^
Oh, and for those who were wondering, FizzyWhip, my sweet black and white sop of a cat got his mummy one first, three seconds and two fourths at the show. That adds up to some expensive catfood and a few ribbons.
Let's hear it for the rescue cats! ^_^


  1. Congratulations on reaching 50K so far! I'm cheering you'll finish in December and by February (my birthday, too) you'll have an agent:)

    1. Fingers crossed.
      Although, it'll need editing and CPs before I let it out into the agenting world.

  2. Oh the evil genius giggling phase is really my very favorite. Congrats and have fun.

    1. I know. All the little ends get to come together and the unsuspecting MCs suddenly find themselves in the fire.
      To be fair, I've been giggling for pretty much half of the story already. ^_^