Thursday, 4 October 2012

Introducing ...

Name: Ruxandra
Story: The Unborn Trilogy - Golden Dawn/Silver Moon
Status: Lady

Originally only spoken of in passing during Golden Dawn, then shown in Silver Moon, with not one mention of her name. So here it is. Her name. Her image. All in the one place. The Main Character’s mother and catalyst of his life in more ways than one.

It was so tempting to have her surrounded by clouds instead. Really it was.


  1. Reminds me of Scarlet from Gone with the Wind.

    Beautiful. Love the name and the title!

    Good luck

    1. I suppose she does a little. ^_^ But that's more because I couldn't find an outfit more her period which didn't show so much skin.
      I'll probably redo this image when I can.

  2. I love this one, too. If you redo the image, will it be totally different?

    1. Probably just her outfit as I'm quite fond of the background and lighting (especially the shadows). ^_^