Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review of Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

Title: Carpe Jugulum
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 5/5

Oh how I adored this. From the title (Seize the Jugular ^_^), to the characters and the concept. Yes, it’s a bit similar to Lords and Ladies, but this had a more entertaining edge.
I mean, there are my favourite witches and we get vampires? And we’re poking fun at all the classic vampire movies? How could I not love? I just wish real life hadn’t gotten in the way so many times and let me read this in a sane timeframe.
It starts off quite innocent, then takes a nose dive as the vampires (sorry, vampyres) arrive in Lancre with the intent to stay and farm the local populace. Worse yet, these vamps have learned and ain’t going down to an axe on the neck, never mind a simple garlic clove. And what fun would it be if they did?
Things are completely thrown off-guard for me as I was expecting Granny to hop in and save the day. She’s Granny after all. But no, she cannot. Instead it’s left to Anges. It’s interesting to see the ‘maiden’ of the witchy trio her muddle her way through the whole scene, including fighting off the advances of Vlad, a vampire who just can’t seem to get what “sod off” means (or what a well-place elbow/knee can do ^_^).
I do think I wouldn’t have enjoyed the bits with Oats quite as much if I hadn’t already read Small Gods, but I have and enjoyed that too, so really it was more acquainting myself with an old friend and laughing at how wrong the Omnians have gotten Brutha’s words and life.
Now the Nac Mac Feegles ... I’d some trouble understanding what they were saying at first (same with Igor, though he was easier), but they grew on me. How could I not like a six-inch high pictsie who likes nothing more than drinking, fighting and stealing cattle?


  1. OOOH! Very intriguing! I hate when life gets in the way of my reading time though. So frustrating!

    1. Oof, was it ever. But I'd only the time to read OR write. The latter always trumps the former there.