Thursday, 17 May 2012

Introducing ...

Name: Kyle
Story: The Rogue King Saga - The Rogue King
Status: Sergeant

What's this? A human in my non-human story?
Well, he's one of four humans on the planet. He, like the others, is a catalyst ... of sorts.
Though not in the way the other three are and more in a way that leads to greater things happening.
I see Kyle as being the one in the group you didn't want to survive (at least I didn't) and yet, by sheer dumb luck, he happens to be in the right place and does. I’d have much rather another scientist had survived than this trigger-happy twit. Still, in a place where the immediate terrain isn't exactly welcoming, it’s best to have a gun-toting, shoot'em if they move guy around.
Surprised me a little that he let my poor Main Characters – Veng and Lasil – live at all, let alone as long as he did. Then again, I reckon he mellowed with age when it came to Lasil.
Still, his ending gladdens my heart.

I wonder if it'd kill the guy to smile. Hmm ... that's probably quite possible.


  1. So, Jayne from Firefly is like that. He is the one you might not care if he didn't survive but he did. Although I LOVE Adam Baldwin. Nice pic.

    1. Never seen Firefly. Not surprised though, think it's one of the common character types in any vaguely sci-fi story.
      As long as they eventually get theirs, it's all good.

      And thanks. ^_^

  2. I love the way you get passionate about your characters! Nice profile!

    1. If I can't get passionate about them, then they usually get cut or changed for someone I can feel for.
      Except for Kyle, he's a bit like Teero in the respect that he just got nastier.