Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh, My Hero! Bloghop

The Oh, My Hero! Blog Hop, hosted by Victoria Smith and Jaycee DeLorenzo, is finally here!
What's your hero like?  Is he the strong and silent type?  The wounded bad boy?  A man on a mission, not looking for love, but captivated by your heroine?  Whoever he is, we're sure he's swoonworthy, and we want to learn more about him!
Post a picture of your hero with a character interview that has at least 5 questions (I’ll be asking as many of the questions as I can get him to answer).

Ah, I couldn’t resist asking questions of my oldest hero. Vengeance, The Rogue King himself.
And here he is, all eight feet of lizardman.

You know you can’t resist ‘im. ^_~

Right then, my boy. Comfy? Yes? Okay, let us get started with the questions, yeah?
How would you describe yourself in one word?
How would you describe your heroine?
I would say she is my heart. My gem. My light. My reason for ... being. I’d go mad without her and destroy the very universe to keep her safe.
So you do believe in love at first sight?
Yes, I believe that can happen. But it doesn’t always mean it’s the right love, which is far more important.
How would your friends describe you in one word?
Dangerous. It doesn’t matter what I do, I’ll always be described as dangerous first and foremost.
What's your favourite pastime?
Heh. Does my wife count?
No, she does not. And I’m sure she’d be interested in hearing that.
*laughs* Alright then, fair enough. Uh, most people don’t believe me when I tell them, but it’s actually reading. Famous love stories throughout history are my favourite sort.
So then, what's your idea of the perfect date?
Date? Stars, I’ve never really ... I-I suppose it’d be one where you and your prospective partner are able to be alone and just ... be around each other and not be interrupted by other suitors looking to win her over.
Are you a morning or a night person and why?
A bit of both now. Mostly morning. It used to be the quietest part of the day for me and the habit is hard to break. Although, the night has a certain bronze-skinned attraction to it.
If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?
I already have a million dollars. I still don’t know what to do with it. Although, I think that might belong to the kingdom. I probably should have someone doing something with it, shouldn’t I?
If you had 24 hours to live what would you do/where would you go?
Twenty-four hours? Is that a threat? Are you planning to do something to me before the day is done?
No, no! Not at all. Uh ... if you had three wishes what would they be?
For my beloved to never have been kidnapped. At all. Ever. Never! Wait, did you say three wishes? Will it work on gods? Can I negate that last one and use it to instead make three people ... not exist?
Moving right along. What do you value the most in a potential love interest?
The ability to hold her ground in an argument. I’ve always liked a girl who knows her own mind.
What is the first thing you notice about a woman that you find attractive?
Her tail. Especially if it’s thick and limber and you can just make out the base through the cut of her skirt ... I wonder where Lasil is.
Uh ... okay then. I guess we’re done here.
Pop over to either Jaycee’s or Victoria’s blog and check out the other heroes who are making an appearance today. ^_^

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Introducing ...

Name: Lillian
Story: Dark One’s Mistress
Status: Merchant’s Daughter

Meek, snivelling, little Lillian. Okay, she’s not so little. I picture her as six foot at the shortest. The girl’s a giant next to me. ^_^
I’m not one for consistently meek characters (gimme the fiery gals and lads who’ll kick butt any day), yet I found this story needed to have her. At least for a short while. She became the foil for the louder women, but more timid than Clara – the Main Character and less serene than Katarina.

I quite like the way the lighting came together. Pity she doesn’t look all that tall in this.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tear my story to shreds. Please?

I'm not here today. Will be tomorrow, and then for the Oh My Hero! Bloghop.
But for now, I'm over at Unicorn Bell getting one of my stories critiqued. The first 400 words anyhow.

Have a guess which one it is.

So go, hop over and tear my story to shreds. You know you want to.
No sugar-coating, ya hear? ^_^

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review of The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett

Title: The Last Continent
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 4/5

Rincewind and the wizards of Unseen University share this weird tale, one having to deal with a kangaroo that’s sometimes not a kangaroo, the others a bug-obsessed god (blame him for cockroaches).
While the Last Continent, known as XXXX, is a land that has never ever seen rain (or water-filled rivers for that matter), it is hard to push aside the similarities to Earth’s own Down Under (in my case, the Slightly Upper-Wester).
Even so, I found the 50 or so pages just before the ending rather repetitive in its jokes and the interaction between the wizards was lacklustre.

I still love the luggage though. Hard not to.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Introducing ...

Name: Talsin
Story: The Rogue King Saga - The Shadow Prince
Status: Student of the Draconic Estate Academy

Talsin is the last, and I do mean the very last, piece to fall into place for The Rogue King Saga. As the main, then rival, interest for one of the Main Characters, her presence helped me flesh out what I saw as the less-interesting of the trio narrating the story (yup, I think a Shadow Speaker with a talking, defective vampire horse isn't interesting).
Her past took on a rather sad note pretty quickly and then, because I like torturing my characters, the note got sour and ever sadder.
And whenever I hear that Katy Perry song "The One That Got Away", I instantly think of Talsin. The chorus is especially bang on.

This is how I imagine her being dressed for the academy's end of year dance. Pity it gets ruined.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How do I Plot my novels? - Plotting Blogfest

The letter P has arrived for those doing the A to Z Challenge, which means it’s time for Madeleine Maddocks’ Plotting blogfest. Pop over to her blog at Scribble and Edit and read how others answer this one question:
How do you Plot your novels?

Well, I used to be a total Pantser. The only goal I had in mind was a vague idea of the ending. I mean “good guy defeats the bad” idea. Yes, I typed my first story not knowing the full ending. Not only that, but I’d no clue about the full motives of either side let alone the Main Characters.
Looking back, I can see why it took me so long to polish it.
Now I’ve firmly planted myself in both Plotter and Pantser territories. My plotting has become more refined (I mean, come on now, it couldn’t do much worse). Now I go in making sure I know my way out. I’ve often got the chapters sorted too.
Each of my stories has taken a different process. With some, I’ve gone into it knowing exactly how each scene will play out that plotting is down to just keeping track of where I am. With others ... it takes a bit of pondering until the full layout flows into place.

Most of my ideas are old and I forget how they were planned, so here’s how it went for my current WiP, Dark One’s Mistress, from idea to writing:
Playing Overlord2 on playstation. Mind wanders while thumbs mindlessly enslave and kill silly pixel people. Idea pops up on a bad guy who isn’t a bad guy but is perceived as a bad guy by some while technically doing bad guy things. (This is while I’m sucking souls outta said pixel people.)
*Note to brain: shelve under WTF?*
[A number of days later, same game.] Idea begins to grow.
*Note to brain: desist with storybooking attempt*
[Another day.] Give in while washing dishes.
*Initiating plotting sequence*
Wash more dishes and ponder on reasons for not-bad-bad-guy to be not-bad-bad-guy instead of bad-guy-bad-guy. Think on what he wants most and what he’d do to get it. True Main Character emerges. [Sleep.]
Make bed and think on how Main Character would get into situation and what she’d do to get out of it. Secondary characters surface. Twists in plot emerge. [Sleep and repeat.]
[A month after idea arose.] WRITE SOMETHING DOWN.
(This part is practically the same for every story I do)
Plan the first few chapters and half-plot the last few. Then, I’ll see if there are any logical connections that can be taken between the beginning and the end and add them. This is where all my pondering will solidify and my world-building sticks. While world building, I’ll check to see where things can go wrong for characters and add some.
But it doesn’t stop there. While I type the beginning chapters I’ve plotted, my Pantser side kicks in and throws the occasional wacky idea into the ring, this can be adding whole scenes or putting a twist on something I didn’t first think of or, occasionally, such as in the dialogue I’m writing, it’ll take a scenic detour while I’m aiming for one line. Sometimes it works, other times I have to throttle the little sub-muse until it surrenders.

No matter what, whether I Pants or I Plot, I always go in having a definite ending in mind.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Introducing ...

Name: Rampage
Story: The Unborn Trilogy - Crimson Night
Status: Heavy ^_^

I think the name pretty much sums him up. For both him and his twin.

I am in love with this picture right now. I tried to lighten it, but it’s still a bit dark in some lights.
I love it all the same. ^_^

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Introducing ...

Name: Teero
Story: Dragon
Status: Elder of Mountain Hall/Hroff Caverns

If I had to pick who was the most aggravating of my characters, Teero would be an instant choice.
One of Dragon’s many agonists – at least in the mind of the Main Characters – he’s arrogant, cunning and, when speaking towards certain characters, often verbally cruel just for the hell of it, especially when it comes to Jaimin – one of the Main Characters.
On the flipside, he’s also a survivor and a conscientious mate who’s both good at hatching eggs and raising hatchlings.

So white ... I’m certain he’d darn near glow in the dark. Oddly enough, he originally started out as steely-grey. Somehow, he ended up getting paler with each chapter until he became a ‘ghost’.