Thursday, 8 December 2011

Introducing ...

Name: Niaja
Story: The Rogue King Saga - The Forgotten Queen
Status: Captain of The Prophet

I really like Niaja. He started off so low and, via several circumstances, he’s now in command of an old warship.
He’s probably the strangest one of the lot when it comes to talking and the hardest to hold a long conversation with. I don’t blame him though, I blame his mother ... okay, I should be blaming me, but I like his quirks too much and he’s too old in more ways than one for me to go about changing him. I do be aholding a soft spot in my heart for the old dragon and it did be a great pity I couldn’t be ausing him some more in that there story, but I do be having future plans. ^_^

I think I spent more time trying to get the image of The Prophet in my head right than the man who commands her. The closest I’ve gotten to an earth variant would be the Spanish galleons. Without the cannons, though. Which, considering the past of those ships, is actually sort of fitting.

My daughter took one look at this picture and called him a ‘horse lizard’. ^_^

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