Thursday, 13 October 2011

Introducing ...

Name: Lady Aaluna
Story: Dragon
Status: Knight

Ah, foreign, pretty, honey-haired Aaluna.
I can sum up this girl with just two words. Dragon crazy.
They’ve a name for the kind of creature her dragon is too: human lover.
This woman somehow managed to usurp my world building for a time. So much so that I could’ve done a whole story (well, a short story at the very least) of how she got where she is. It was fun having her about and I do which there’d been more space for her in the plot, but she really wasn’t needed for much more than one chapter. 

Technically, seeing that she’s pregnant in the story, I should’ve made her so in the image. But, if I’m to be honest, it was hard enough getting it like this and, by the time I remembered her current state, I couldn’t be bothered redoing it.
Consider it as having been done before/after the pregnancy, that’s what I do. ^_^
Note: The little, purple feathers in her hair (yes they are purple, just dark) are from her dragon.


  1. That's an interesting character. Definitely love the name. Thanks for sharing, and for the twitter follow! :)

  2. Thanks. I might one day have a crack at a short story featuring her.

    I'm afraid I'm not a very dedicated twitterer, so I'm following your blog too. ^_^