Thursday, 22 September 2011

Introducing ...

Name: King Torron
Story: Witch of Morthin
Status: >_> King ^_^

Ah, the mad king.
I do so love a good, properly crazy, king.
Not to be confused with the just plain insane king.
You can actually predict the randomness of an insane king. He’ll be whacko about everything he does and, sometimes, completely over the top with it.
But a crazed ones ... the ones who appears normal but could snap at anything, for whatever reason, they’re more fun. Especially when they go around poisoning the mother of their five children and imprisoning their only daughter, that’s just craziness.
I do feel a little sorry for poor Torron though. He lost more than a few cards off the deck when he did what he did.

I’m still not 100% sure if I actually got a decent crazed look. It’s a fine line to walk when you consider he’s not all the way mad; his sanity’s just a bit frayed round the edges where witches are concerned. I guess it all comes down to the eyes.


  1. He looks more Machiavellian than insane, but it's a good picture.

  2. He does a little, doesn't he. ^_^ I suppose, now I think on it, there is a bit of Machiavellianism in his personality.
    It's so difficult to bring the right look into eyes that are, essentially, dead. Don't quite have the talent for that yet.