Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Museus Overloadus

There are times when the words seem to positively leap from the mind straight onto the screen (or pad) without any help from the fingers. At the end of it all, you’re left with a good few thousand words. I  go through such bouts, thought they are rarer now. My record was completing two chapters (at roughly 3000 and 4800 words respectably) in one night.
This is when Museus Overloadus can kick in.
Not to be confused with the more serious muse-targeting illness of Writous Blockous, of which it bares many similarities, Museus Overloadus is a temporary shutdown of the muse, paralyzing all but plot outlining sections of a muse’s psyche. It can be identified by the following symptoms:
·         Staring blankly at the work which was progressing so smoothly.
·         An urge to go over (and over) what you wrote last, in the hope that it’ll spark off more ideas.
·         Utter disgust at yourself, the story and anyone/thing else in grumble range. This includes mumbling at the departed muse.
·         The tendency to browse sites, read those books you were going to read, watch mindless TV or play equally mindless computer games.
·         The urge to write something odd.
·         Like This.
Recommended course of action:
Unfortunately, scientists have yet been able to successfully create a vaccine for Museus Overloadus. The most common form of treatment is still Rest.
A word of caution:
Attempting to plough on through a bout of Museus Overloadus can lead to Writous Blockous. If symptoms persist seek treatment immediately.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

40,000 words - A Draw? Nah

Last time I was umming and ahhing about which would come first: Forty thousand words or the end of chapter seventeen.
Well, late last night, as I neared the last bit of the chapter, 'Dragon' broke the forty thousand mark. Near three hundred words short of the end. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!
Now I'm four hundred words into the next chapter, staring at the finish line sitting just by the sixty thousand mark. My new goal now is to make it that far before the end of the story. Or at least close to it. Knowing me and my tendency to expand to the point of over-expanding (which then requires the heavy duty pruners come editing time), I may go over, though not by much.
After that comes the happy prospect of editing, revising and editing again (and another just for good measure). For me, that requires my trusty laptop and an empty room where I can speak each sentence aloud without any funny looks.

But for now ... look out sixty thousand words. I'm coming for ya!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Ever creeping

For some reason, I'm all abuzz this month. Here we are, barely into the double digits of June and 'Dragon' has near reached the forty thousand mark. Admittedly, I haven't been typing some days. Our old horse had the abscess in his forehoof burst yesterday. Between his incaseration and other appointments, I've been running back and forth from being home and ... not. But now I'm sitting here, just a scant 1600 words from the next ten thousand mark and two-thirds of the way through. An added bonus of being this far in: I've reached the seventeenth chapter (unsure if it'll be completed by the time I get those 1600 words done, or the other way around). That, along with chapter eighteen, are my battle chapters. That is to say they are the ones where everything comes to a head physically and the fighting ensues. I'll be enjoying this chapter and the next two for a good few weeks.

Another point: you will have noticed the picture to the right by now. I've been fiddling with Daz Studio (now that my dying mouse has been replaced with a flash, wireless model). Even though I'm not considering venturing into the self-publishing world at this point, I like having book 'covers' floating about my hard drives. Seeing them helps me focus and, when I have POD's done to give to a few test readers, having more than just a blank cover with a title makes it look a little more real.
I'll probably look back on this one day and wince at its blatant horribleness, but right now, I'm quite enamoured with it for it actually came out just as I wanted it to. Would it make someone open the cover? Well, I'm not sure about that since I haven't asked anyone but me, and I'm bias in more ways than one. But like I said, this has been done to entertain me. Everything else is all gravy.