Thursday, 14 April 2011

Twenty Thousand Words and Still Trucking

My latest story, Dragon, passed the twenty thousand mark this evening.

I find there's always something amazing about reaching that number. Magical even. An intoxicating blend of affirmation that I'm making headway and astonishment that I've made it so far (sounds like a tea, doesn’t it? A delightfully sweet cuppa).
Better yet, it’s happened with my daughter’s preschool/school demands, household duties and usual family life somehow being integrated. How that happened, I really wished I knew. I’m not usually one to write much with distractions - by that I mean you’ll find me setting up camp in the bedroom with my trusty laptop and strict orders for the hubby to ‘stay out’ – so it’s downright incredible that I got so far within a month.
That being said, this is usually the time the old muse has a little nap, leaving my poor characters stranded in whatever situation they’ve stumbled upon. On the other hand, I’m not considering this to be a very big story (aiming for fifty thousand words if I can), so I’m already creeping near the top of halfway-hill. Two more chapters and I'll be there.

Twenty thousand ... still can’t stop grinning.

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