Thursday, 11 February 2016

Upcoming Cover Reveal

On the 15th, the new look for Golden Dawn shall be live!

I'm so excited to show it off as it's the second one I've done from scratch.

I've been so jazzed from it, that I went straight on to doing the mock-ups for the following two novels... That I've yet to rewrite because, let's be honest, they're absolute messes.
On the plus side, I have plans for a new angle for Crimson Night, the second novel.

Keep a look out for the new cover appearing soon!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Chronological Sorting

I've said it before, I'll say it again, each book in the Spellster Series will be written as a standalone. But, as they all happen in the same world, my goal is to have them linked in some way. To that end, I've had to think about timelines and major events that overlap.

For the sake of my sanity, I refer to the stories in the order I plan to publish them...

  1. Through Smoke and Fire
  2. In Pain and Blood
  3. To Target the Heart
  4. Burning Beneath the Sun
  5. Down the Path of Shadows

They each have a different place as a backdrop, so it's not as if they're closely connected...

The most mapwork I've done in ages
1 happens in the Udynea Empire's second largest city
2 goes all around the kingdom of Demarn
3 starts in the capital of Tirglas, but ends in the Udynean capital
4 is set solely in Niholia's capital city
5 focuses on a village in Obuzan

To think of them in chronological terms* is a little trickier. As things stand so far, 3 seems to have become the central point to base the others around, but...

4 has to come first for someone to know a particular thing in 3.
2 likely occurs near the beginning of 3 or between 4 & 3.
3 comes next, otherwise the final events of 1 can't happen.
1 happens sometime during 3. About halfway onwards.
5 could, theoretically, happen whenever. So far, anyway.

* Also, if published in their chronilogical order, I get a whole new sentence: Burning Beneath the Sun, In Pain and Blood, To Target the Heart, Through Smoke and Fire, Down the Path of Shadows. Ha!

Now I know I'll be implementing my little timeline software beyond what I already have laid out for In Pain and Blood. Mind you, it's not as complicated as what I had to do when inserting the novella into The Rogue King Saga, but still 4, 3, & 1 must match up for anyone who reads the whole series, which I guess means that I'll be starting 3 after I'm done with 2...

Have you ever had to make sure timelines match up, whether in a series or a standalone? How did you go about it?

Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Descendants by Jaclyn E. Brod

Everything comes with a price, even if it isn’t what you expect.

The Descendants
(Book One of the Souls Series)

Author: Jaclyn E. Brod

In the year 2030 a war is waged, and only one can save human kind, but will she die before she can save The world?

Genevieve. It was poor Genevieve who was blocking the front door with bruises adorning her flesh like a molting fledgling. Blood trickled down from the corners of her hazel eyes. Her arms were thrown out to her sides as if that motion alone could stop Theo’s guards and the Experiments.
“Move,” Jaxs hissed, her hands blazing with a midnight glow, but Theo stepped in front of her as fear for the heiress surged in his veins. He heard the safety of Sage’s gun switch from safe to fire. Genevieve said nothing; her knotted golden hair did not even twitch.
Hazel eyes bored into Theo, pleading for him to turn around and give up. He knew that this was the moment. This was the moment where he chose. He looked at Jaxs with the disheveled sneer hanging on her face with frightened eyes and then back Genevieve’s hardened visage.
 “You could have come with us,” Theo muttered just loudly enough for her to hear. He knew that time had passed, that there was nothing that would change her mind now, but he had to be sure that this was what she wanted. The blood pouring from her eyes only increased as her eyes watered slightly. “We both know that is not true. You belong here. I belong here. The Confinement harbors souls, Theo, because we need to be kept safe from the world. You don’t know what you are getting into. You don’t know what that thing,” she gestured to Jaxs,
“Will do to you. You don’t know what you are causing here, but I do. Stay here and trust me.” She held out a hand, ignoring the clatter of footsteps echoing down the hall toward them. Theo felt a vice tighten around his throat as he shook his head.
This was not the wonderful girl that he had come to know before. She was not the freedom loving, loyal soul that he once knew. “No, Genevieve.” He shook his head. “I don’t trust you.” The golden-haired young woman reached into her thin pocket and before anyone could stop her, she shoved a syringe into her own exposed neck. It was as if a bomb had gone off.
Manic laughter echoed off of the cobblestone floors of the castle and melded with the yells of approaching guards. Genevieve dropped her hands to her sides, her head twitching upon her neck as shadows fell over her face.
The once graceful mouth twisted into a maleficent sneer and hazel eyes glazed over with black pigment. “I will obey my Mother!” Genevieve said, or what was left of her. Theo took a step back in horror as thick blackened tendrils exploded throughout Genevieve’s body. Her delicate hands rose to the ceiling with smoke flying from her fingertips.
Her hysterical laughter revealed blackened, charcoal teeth just below the surface that housed bleeding gums. At some point in the transformation Jaxs had moved from her position behind Theo without him noticing. Her outstretched hands pushed him behind her as she let loose a surge of power directed at Genevieve.
There was nothing Theo could do except scream as Jaxs’s blast threw Genevieve to the ground. The former head guard just stared at her twitching body on the cold floor as Sage dragged him out the front door.
The five of them made it outside, but when the heavy door closed behind him Theo swore that he heard a weak, mournful whisper of, “I told you to be careful.” The door clicked shut.
 Guards rushed into the room. Some ran to Genevieve’s fallen form, but they were quickly waved away by Dr. Grant. The foreboding woman crossed the lobby with her head held high, a cold mask settled over her face. She did not react. Stilettos clicked across the uneven cobblestone, echoing eerily across the floor. The stilettos dug into flesh as she stepped on her daughter’s shuddering body.
Blood washed over the bottom of Dr. Grant’s heels, which she ignored in favor of pulling open the door. The weeping willows were churning in the wind as Dr. Grant felt a snicker rise up in her throat. The darkened sky did not allow the woman to see the escapees, but she knew where they were going. A laugh permeated the silence of the outside world as she dug her heels into Genevieve’s flesh. Dr. Grant stood there for a moment before she looked down upon the girl.
 “Get up, my love,” she cooed. “We have some work to do.”
There was no hesitation. “Yes, Mother.”


Jaclyn E. Brod is a full time writer and student, currently going to school for medical billing as a background but her true passion is writing. She has one cat named Zazzie whos she loves more than anything and a fiancĂ© whos a cook and a gamer nerd. 
When Jaclyn Isn’t writing she is spending time with her best friends and her best friends children who she calls her niece and nephew. 
She is the author of the newly debut novel The Descendants. 
Many of her inspiration from stories comes from music and reading. 
And her biggest inspiration of all, Harry Potter.

Social Media Sites: 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Where Did It Go?

You may, or may not, have noticed a sudden disappearance of Golden Dawn's covers from the various social media sites as well as a marked lack of places to buy it.

That's because the rights for it have returned to me. Although it wasn't an easy decision to make, I believe it was the right choice.

I'll be releasing the book later on in the year. When? I'm not yet certain, so keep an eye out for the reveal of its new cover and rerelease.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Excerpt from To Target the Heart

What It Says On the Tin

I don't want to give too much of a set-up because you'll probably skip this anyway, but this piece is likely to be about halfway to two-thirds of the way through and, basically, the scene that drove me to flesh out the story...


The sudden disturbance of his bed partner woke Darshan with a jolt. Not again. He laid still, his heart hammering, as he tried to distinguish Hamish's figure in the faint, pre-dawn light. Every morning since they left Tirglas, he woke to this hurried attempt at dressing. He'd hoped it would've gotten better the further they were from the man's homeland. It hadn't.
There he was, busily creeping across the inn floor, gathering his clothes as he went. His hurried panting filled the otherwise silence.
Darshan slid across the mattress, slowly so as to not startle the man. "Hamish?" he whispered.
The silhouette straightened. The ragged panting lessened, but didn't fade completely. Hamish came closer to sit, rather heavily, on the bed.
His fingers brushed the man's light undershirt, already damp with sweat. He felt his way up Hamish's side to wrap his arms around the broad shoulders. "It's all right," he mumbled into the man's neck. "You're safe. Your family can't reach you here."
The body in his grasp shuddered. "Dar…"
"Hush." He wrapped his legs around Hamish's waist, holding tight least the hairy beast of a man decided he knew better. "Just be still for a bit. Let your body calm down."
The muscles under his arms stiffened. "But—"
"I said, hush." He burrowed his face into the man's neck, seeking the damp skin beneath the shirt to adorn it in little kisses. "I'm not going anywhere. And no one is coming to spirit you away. I promise."
His head lifted as Hamish took a deep breath and sighed. "I'm sorry."
He pressed his lips together, trying not to let his irritation show. It wasn't Hamish's fault that waking in a room other than his royal suite set off a once very real fear of being dragged out of bed by his mother's guards and locked in his chambers. "There is nothing to forgive, my love." There had to be a way to rid him of this lingering terror. They would find it. Together.
"I didn't mean to wake you."
He chuckled. He'd always been a light sleeper. Thank the gods for small mercies. Who knew where Hamish would wind up before common sense got the best of him? "Sleep is overrated." His gaze drifted to the window. "Besides, an early start will give us a great deal of time on the road. We could reach the palace by evening."
This bit of news was greeted by silence.
" 'Mish?"
Again, Hamish sighed. This time, it was weary. "I don't understand why you're so eager to reach Minamist. You can't expect me to believe your father will be pleased."
No. Not pleased would be an understatement. Darshan patted his husband's chest. "Let me worry about that." It was going to take a fair bit of talking to convince his father, Emperor of all Udynea and mighty hammer of the south, that he couldn't fix what he'd no doubt see as his son's blatant disregard of his duties with an endless supply of assassins.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

When You've Three Possible Endings

What One Do You Take?

Last time I posted, I mentioned a fifth Spellster Novel rearing its little head, which is friggin' fantastic... Not... Okay, maybe a little, but the rate these plots just pop up is terrible. There's already quite a queue forming, my muse doesn't seem to understand that I can't always do things a mile a minute.

Most of the plotlines seem content to lay dormant, but this new one... Down the Path of Shadows... It doesn't call to me to write quite as sharply as In Pain and Blood did, it just niggles in the back of my mind. I have a rough plot (if not names and places) and it mostly reads as romance, naturally, until I reach the end...

And that's the niggle. The ending lends itself very easily to being tragic, whether in an "all guns blazing" sort of way or an "I'm alone" path as well as the traditional romance happy. And, whilst I know that the Spellster Series are, at the heart of it, all standalone novels, I still worry about taking that leap. The other stories may have hardship and pain, but the endings remain on the boundaries of a typical romance plot. To suddenly, after what'll be four other books, insert a tragedy... I don't know...

Through Smoke and Fire, In Pain and Blood, To Target the Heart, Burning Beneath the Sun, Down the Path of Shadows... Why you gotta break the stride, DtPoS?

Friday, 8 January 2016

Trailers! Trailers Everywhere...

So, what have I been up to these last few days of the brand new year? Well, apart from a day of writing and a few days of having total chaos rule my house (aka: daughter's sleepover) and a glutton of Star Wars movies... I've been making trailers for the Spellster Series. It's helped me figure out where all the stories are going and flesh out the blurbs, which really helped me nail down the outline for TSaF. Which is also cool because the plot for the TTtH book basically starts affecting the story of TSaF and that's exactly the sort of intertwining I wanted, characters that never meet being affected by each other.

Even though the "Coming Soon" at the end is likely to be some years from now, I feel like sharing...

There's currently a fifth plotline in the works, but I haven't a title, nevermind a cover...